Monday, January 10, 2011

Three S's, Snow, Slow, and Swollen

So since my last post, things have been business as usual here.  We're working little by little on the house, but the snow keeps getting in the way of working outside, so there is still tree in the yard.  Let's hope we get one good clear day before baby comes, since I doubt we'll be doing much home improvement after she arrives.

Elizabeth is enjoying the snow, though we don't go out much as I am unable to chase her in my current condition.  That particular item has fallen on Mark. 

The nursery is going very slow.  Now I'm not complaining about work not getting done.  We went out to get paint supplies etc, it's just whenever we get home there's a million other things that need attention now.  So her room keeps being put on the back burner.  Anyway, as I stated above we did find the right paint.  It's a pretty yellow.  Very sweet.  I'll post picks if we ever get it on the wall.  I would have done pink or purple, but I wanted her to have something different from Elizabeth. 

On the flip side of the nursery going slow, I've been crocheting with record speed.  I've added another newborn hat, a matching hat for Elizabeth, a toy, and a security blanket for baby since my last post.  I'm going to try a bunting next, so I may not be turning out so many things in the next week.  I also need to get back to her blanket.  It's halfway done. 

So the title of this post includes being swollen and because it's another s word. (I'm not that witty, but I try) I'm not actually swollen.  I've been really lucky with both pregnancies, no swollen feet or anything else.  However, I do feel like a beached whale, hence the swollen comment.  It feels like baby is lower, but I haven't dropped or anything.  She's still riding high, and I'm definitely moving into the uncomfortable stage.  We are headed back to the doctor next week, and if I can get it scheduled I'm hoping we'll do a tour of the hospital soon.  Not much longer and we'll be doing once a week appointments.

Worst than feeling like a beached whale is the occasional Braxton-Hicks contractions I've been having.  They don't happen often, but when they do, it's definitely uncomfortable.  I've noticed baths and laying down have helped. 

Still no name chosen yet.  I think we'll be revealing the final decision on her name once she is born.  I'm not sure what else to do...I'm all mixed up on it.  Particularly after the ultrasound...she looks like Elizabeth.  So instead of making me better able to make up my mind, all I can think of is Elizabeth.  I doubt she'll appreciate being named Elizabeth #2. ha ha.

Speaking of Miss Elizabeth, she is having a blast being a stay at home toddler.  She is learning more each day, and I'm so proud of her.  The other day she wrote her first letters on her own M and N.  She hasn't repeated it yet, but I still couldn't be more proud.   She is also counting well and adding to her vocabulary.  I have to watch what I say constantly.  She watched a Max and Ruby episode the other day and now knows the word disgusting.  Max was making a worm cake on the show and Ruby told him it was disgusting.  When I asked her the next day what she wanted to eat, she told me "Not a disgusting worm cake".  I about died of laughter right there in the kitchen...but then I felt bad.  I hope my cooking doesn't remind her of a disgusting worm cake. ;)  She is also loving music at the moment.  She constantly sings every new song she learns.  It's very cute.  Kindermusik is starting soon, so I know she'll be happy going back.  The only other thing she loves more than singing at the moment is our cat Max.  She follows him everywhere and loves it when he sleeps on her lap.  I've got a few pics below of the two buddies.

Well, I'm off to fix lunch for baby and I.  I'll write more later and hopefully I'll have nursery picks in the next few days.  Best to everyone and enjoy the bump photo below (it's not my favorite as I HATE my hair, but it's the only side view one I have right now.  32 weeks along!)

Elizabeth and I before heading to church. 

32 weeks along.  Not a great picture, but the only bump one I have at the moment.
Movie buddies.

Elizabeth puts her "babies" to bed now, today that included the cat.


Nichole said...

Cute pictures! You look great too! :o) Looking forward to hearing the name when she is born!

Kate said...

Thanks! I'm not too sure about those pics of me, but she is coming along. Not too much longer now. I'm looking forward to a name too... ha ha.

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