Friday, January 21, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training- Warning: There is bathroom talk in this post. ;)

So way back in Durham, Elizabeth showed some interest in potty training (followed other kids at daycare, woke up dry, and would sit on a potty).  Being normal parents, we were excited about the process of losing diapers.  So we bought her a little potty and some cloth trainers.  Things were going well, although eventually the cloth trainers had to go because of daycare (wouldn't let her wear them unless she had fewer accidents), and then we found out we were moving.  Well, she wasn't completely potty trained before moving.  She had some success and had learned a lot, but by no means was not going on her own (which is my idea of completely potty trained).

Once arriving in TN, things went down hill quickly.  Suddenly our happy to sit on the potty baby, absolutely refused to sit on it.  She would cry and whine if I took her.  So we decided that the move was too much change, and we should wait until she was comfortable.  Now that we've moved into our house and Christmas was over, I started to think we should try again.  We started just going once a day, after nap (she always wakes up dry).  We had some success, which was encouraging.  Then I added some additional times.  We had more success, then one day she was super cranky...she refused to do anything.  The next day the same thing.  Finally she told me "Mommy, I don't want to potty, I want to go in my diaper".  That was exactly what she hands on the hip, but the tone of voice would have matched that.  That's when Mommy decided it was time for a change.

I found a book at the store called "potty training in one day".  You're laughing aren't you?? I know I was.  But I picked it up and gave it a look.  Sure enough, I found it interesting.  Perfect for a child that simply wasn't motivated to go potty.  You see, you throw a potty party with lots of rewards.  The first part of the day she gets a new doll and you "train" the doll to go potty.  Then doll receives rewards for going, which go to Elizabeth if she "promises to someday use the potty".  Someday turns out to be that afternoon.  After her nap, you begin to take your child to the potty every 30 minutes or less.  You also pump her full of liquids.  She wore cloth trainers as I wanted to have that "uh, oh" feeling.  You aim for about 3-4 successes and know that over the next few weeks it's still a learning process (so not really potty training in a day).  I thought it all sounded reasonable.  At the worst, she would have some fun (you play lots of games while they sit) and get a new toy.  At the best, she would potty train.  So I guess you're wondering, did I give it a try?

Yes, I did, and I can tell you it's not as foolproof as it sounds.  The first half of the first day went well. She trained the doll and took her pretty much every time we needed to go.  Now I did have two instances when her two year old stubborn streak came out.  But we made it through without any tears and after lunch had her normal nap.  Then the second half started.  It wasn't a big success if you measure it by going in the potty.  We practiced all afternoon, and inevitably we would sit for 10-20 minutes on the potty with soon a she got up, she'd go.  However, she was quickly learning what it meant to have an accident.  We got to the point that she actually told me immediately and even could stop herself from going completely.  What wasn't making sense was relaxing when on the potty so she could go (that's her biggest problem).  After a long day we put her to bed, and I was pretty down hearted.  As far as I was concerned, I should just quit.  But I remembered in the book, that she said some children were more resistant and to try the second half the next day. I thought I should give it a go.

The next day, instant success.  She got up, went to the potty, and stayed dry for quite awhile.  I was amazed.  Now that's not to say we didn't have accidents.  No, we had about two accidents before our next success and more after that (though a couple I'm pretty sure was because she got so excited when she went she stopped going, then once we were done washing our hands she went- in other words she didn't finish).  But she was getting really good at telling me she was wet and going straight to the bathroom to change.  She had a couple more successes that day (met our goal of 4 successes that day), but I was just so happy to have my happy baby back.  No more fussing, and being able to tell me she had gone was fantastic!

Day three was again a mixed bag.  Plenty of accidents and several successes.  But the best of all, she went #2 in the potty!!  Just sat down and told me, "I have to push the poo-poo out, Mommy".  AMAZING!!  That warranted a big treat.  I let her play with some makeup.  I know bad Mommy, but it makes her so happy and it really drives home that what she did was special, since I never let her play with regular makeup (fake- yes). 

Today so far is another mixed bag that ended on a high note.  Good on telling us, one HUGE success before nap, and staying dry for longer periods...but still accidents.  Then after nap, she stayed dry until almost bedtime.  We threw our final potty party with Grammy and Pop because of this.  We had balloons, cow cake, and a little gift.  She LOVED it.  Even asked Grammy to take her to the potty, and another success!!  She actually had two accidents that evening, both because we need to work on some stuff.  The first she went to the bathroom and sat on the potty to go #1, only thing is she forgot to pull down her pants. lol The second she thought some gas was #2 and sat down.  Later on I guess she thought it was more wasn't. ;)

I'm really pleased with our progress.  Four days and we're staying dry for hours and telling people she has to go.   I definitely wouldn't recommend this system to everyone though, plus I think the name is a misnomer.  They aren't potty trained in a day, but they do get the concepts in a day or two.  I really feel if we hadn't started in Durham, we could have gone more slowly and without the whole party.  But the move was just too much change, and I believe she lost her motivation.  I definitely think if we stick with the cloth trainers and keep going, in a couple of weeks she'll have it down completely.  Famous last words, right??  :)  I will say, she is definitely proud to wear big girl panties and is ecstatic when she goes.  That should make any Mommy proud.

Decorated bathroom, including her new doll wrapped up.

Our party room.  Princess themed.

More of the party room, complete with protected couch and potty books.

Our dining room decorated for breakfast.  Present of big girl panties on the table.  Mark helping me get ready.

We had a tea party the second half of the day.  Tea pots not shown, but we had pomegranate juice, strawberry milk, and apple juice.  Anything to get her to drink lots.

While sitting on the potty we drew on our paper.  I would like to say that is all Elizabeth's handiwork.  But most of it is mine...which begs the question: How am I 29 and still can't draw???

New doll, named baby Huffington, going to potty on its very own doll potty.

Our potty chart today.  She got to put little stickers up for sitting on the potty and big ones up for successes.


Nichole said...

Oh how I look forward to this and dread it in the same thought! Good luck and hope that it continues to get better! :o)

Nichole said...

Oh, I meant to mention that Anderson will put his seat on the big boy potty and will sit on it (clothes on). This has just recently happened. He used to scream. Baby steps! :oP

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