Monday, January 10, 2011


So Dad must have read my mind about the nursery.  As soon as I posted that things were going slow, he called and came over to get started on it. Go Daddy!!  He took some measurements to patch the hole in the wall and was going to get some supplies.  Why do we have a hole in the wall you ask? Well, it seems the lady who we bought the house from couldn't get up and down the stairs well.  So she turned one of the bedrooms into a laundry room.  Mark and I have no problem with going down stairs to wash clothes, and we'd rather have a four bedroom house, especially since this bedroom is right next to ours (perfect nursery).  So we plugged off the water lines and are patching the hole to fix the wall right.  Then nursery time!

Anyway, big thank you to Daddy for coming over to help out! Hopefully, all will be ready soon.

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