Friday, April 1, 2011

I confess that I talk a lot about babies and breasts.


Time for weekly confessions. A time to own up to all those things that make life fun, annoying, and well worth the trip. So here goes:

I confess that...

-I laugh when my month old daughter has man sized toots or burps. She sounds like a drunken sailor, only she drinks breastmilk...which makes you wonder what I've been eating.

-I love Evie's new cloth diapes. They come in all these cute colors and patterns. It's the closet things to fashion I've got recently.

-I read blogs last week, while nursing my daughter and balancing a laptop on my lap.  I love you all that much. ;)

-I jumped at the chance to return a movie because it meant I could have ten minutes kid free with no car seats or diaper bags. It was A-MAZ-ING!

-I want to say "seriously" really loudly when my husband tries to hand me something when I'm nursing and holding something in the other hand.  Did I grow and extra hand I didn't know about??


VandyJ said...

Didn't you know, all mothers are equipped with an extra hand on leaving the hospital. Unfortunately it only works for getting small children out of trouble, or keeping them safe when stopping the car too fast.

allstarme said...

My husband always did (does) the same thing!

Melissa said...

Love it! You sound just like me.

Brandy@YDK said...

Ha I would want to say seriously - I would say it. You are a hardcore multitasking rockstar

Nichole said...

Love the seriously comment. Like when Anderson only wants to read when Annabelle is eating. So he holds the book over her face causing her to unlatch, ouch, and then gets mad that I STILL havent grown another hand to hold the book he wants to read. Never fails. LOL Guess that MEN thing starts early. :oP

We need to see some pictures of those cloth diapers girl! :o)

sarajo said...

I want to see some fluff! We just switched to cloth diapers and I'm having a hard time not buying any more. LOL! I can't wait for this little guy to come so I can put him in some really cute dipes! Good thing I have two in diapers right now. LOL!
And I would totally say seriously. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have when the same thing has happened to me.
And I'm always nursing while on the internet. Well, when I have a baby to nurse!

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