Friday, April 1, 2011

Losing the Baby Weight- Week 3

Make sure and visit Brandy (see button above). She got me thinking about weight loss and is doing a great job herself. Plus it's a nice thing to do!

Start weight: 1xx

End weight: 1xx

Total loss/gain: +0.7

So I haven't done great this week. Like most weeks, I wasn't so great in the beginning, but got better.  Here's what I did well:

1. Drank even less soda, than last.  I haven't had any in a couple of days.

2. Started the couch25k program.  Yay, for exercise!

3. Cooked at home the majority of the week.  Although not super healthy, I usually eat less at home than out to eat, where I seem to think you should pig out.

Some things I need to improve on:

1. Cook healthier.  This means less butter and oil.  Hey, I'm from the South, and we love to fry things. Think Paula Dean.

2. Consistent exercise.  I think starting the couch25k will help this.  I have designated days I can do it (hubby home) and that should improve things.  Also I'm hoping to join our church yoga group.  It's on tuesdays, one of my non-couch25k days.  Nothing like doing some yoga with people you usually sing hymns with...I wonder if they will notice I'm bad at both. ;)

3. No soda at all.  I think I'm on my way to this.

Things I think should be outlawed:

1. Sour cream and onion potato chips

2. Soda

3. Bad weather that keeps me and the kids indoors.

4. Female hormones that make you crave chocolate and sweets.


Nichole said...

I am sure that you are doing and will continue to do great! Good luck!

Melissa said...

I agree with you on all the outlaws!! You will love yoga. I find it so helpful when I'm stressed out.

Fiona said...

Keep working at it and you'll get there! Diet cola is good because the caffeine gives you a boost. Maybe we should work on sharing recipes via Brandy's blog so we can all improve our home cooking!

Brandy@YDK said...

Good Job. Even though you had a tiny gain you are still on the right track. I love your list of outlawed things. Add chocolate.

Cerise said...

Sound like you are doing a great job! I would love to take a yoga class and Zumba.

WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck!

I love frying stuff but yeah, I should cut back...

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