Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Mantra

So I've decided I have a new mantra: real women till their own gardens. 

You see, Mark and I have been working on our garden.  It's time here to till up the soil and allow the rain to get into the ground.  Over the next few weeks, we might be making it a little bit bigger and tilling in some fertilizer.  It's hard work, but very satisfying...and yes, I ran the tiller myself.  I was even out so long I got sunburned.

Now I'm no farmer, but I grew up around plenty of power tools.  You see my grandfather and uncle run a small engine repair shop.  The smell of gas and oil is very familiar to me and anything that has a gas acceleration I've tried to run.  I've even tried a saw mill.  So tiller is nothing...or so I thought.

It was a bit harder than I thought to run, but the good news is it gave me lots of exercise.  You've got to use your muscles to keep it on track.  So now to go with my farmer's tan, I'm going to have guns!!  Therefore,

Real Women Till Their Own Gardens.

The Tiller.


Nichole said...

You crack me up! I am right there with you on the farmer tan! I have sock lines with WHITE feet (no really they glow in the dark). I also wear gloves when doing yard work, so I have lines on my wrists with what hands. I also have short and shirt lines. Oh well! I am sure being in a bathing suit will be fun, but I plan to stay in the pool, so that will help! LOL

mark said...

You are definitely a real woman! Please don't hurt me with your guns though...

Brandy@YDK said...

wow you are woman - hear you roar!

AmieAmie said...

I tried last year... but my dad's tiller is MUCH bigger than the one you have pictured!
Tilling on a slope in a yard made of rocks... with a tree stump in the middle... I didn't get very far!!! Guess that's why i'm still a Mann. ;)
Also... please don't hurt Mark with your guns!!!! Miss you guys!

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