Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's OK Tuesday

So I stole borrowed this from another blog.  It's a way of just accepting some of life's not so pleasant moments.  I really like it.  So here goes.

It's ok,

-To be posting this a day late.  I wasn't having the best day yesterday and any post would have sounded depressing.  I don't like depressing, and I'm guessing you all don't want to read depressing either. So I didn't do it...does that count as good mental health??

It's ok,

-That I let Elizabeth skip her nap Monday to play outside.  Yes, she was grumpy and whiny later, but the next day it snowed, rained, hailed, and froze all in twenty-four hours.  I thought it only fair she got to play.

It's ok,

-That on the day in question, both Elizabeth and I got too much sun because I forgot sunscreen.  No one said I was parent of the year, anyway.

It's ok,

-That I have become so cheap frugal that getting a nicer brand of bread is considered "splurging" for me.  No, we aren't poor, but we are trying to conserve money, since my work is currently messed up.  I'm technically still on maternity leave.  This was unexpected, but will be fixed once they finish my paperwork. 

It's ok,

-That my daughter doesn't mind mud, snakes, or spiders...but show her an earthworm and she turns into Miss Dainty.

It's ok, 

-That my beloved basketball team lost in the final four.  I still LOVE my wildcats and my blood still runs blue.

It's ok,

-That I'm turning into a farmer.  On Monday, I tilled part of our garden.  Today I'm going to do some more, with sunscreen of course.  I might even find a few earthworms... ;)


Nichole said...

hehe Love the earthworms...

Sounds like you are a busy momma! :o)

Brandy@YDK said...

you are super busy.

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