Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Mom's homemade goodness.

My begging really worked (see Utter despair post), not only did I get my yummy strawberry jam, but she gave me mango jelly, apple butter, and cherry preserves.  Later that week, she brought me some pork chops and barbecue to fix for dinner.  

All this delicious goodness has inspired me to continue my freeloading ways.  I'm thinking about asking mom for more yummy goodies.  I think if I beg enough she'll give in, she may even be reading right now, learning of her daughter's shameful plan.  But hopefully, I can just flash some sad eyes and score some loot. Then I'll rack up on all the jams and jellies I want.

As long as the girls don't see me, and learn how to beg, it's ok...right?? ;)


Nichole said...

Completely! Go for it Kate!

Brandy@YDK said...


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