Saturday, April 9, 2011

I confess that I feel guilty.

It's that time of the week, time to confess all those things that make life fun, annoying, and everything in between.  So after enjoying my lovely confessions, head on over to Mamarazzi  to read everyone's confessions or to join in and confess yourself.

I confess,

That I feel guilty when I put my infant daughter in her swing or infant seat.  I seem to think she needs to stimulation all the time.  It's not like I'm new to this.  I know she doesn't need flashcards in front of her every waking moment.  I mean I didn't do that with my first and she is super smart...maybe too smart. You know, trouble smart.

I confess,

I'm late posting this.  I woke up sick today and my hubby took the kids.  I had something planned about stuff he does, but given that he let me rest today I didn't think it was appropriate to post. I'll give him a pass this week. ;)

I confess,

I feel awful if I'm not accomplishing something.  Why is it that we make ourselves feel guilty for not being super moms/wives/etc.?  Being a mom, especially makes you carry super guilt.  From the moment you're pregnant, you're constantly worried and wondering.  No wonder we think our moms are crazy...because we made them that way.

I confess,

That I feel guilty that my maternity leave got accidentally prolonged and that I'm upset that it got prolong.  Catch 22.  I want to work, but feel bad about wanting to work since right now I have uninterrupted time with my girls.  See what I mean about guilt ridden mom!! I'm lucky I haven't pulled my hair out yet.

Well, I hope you all can forgive the tardiness.  Now, go check out everyone confessions...or you might feel guilty and we all know where that leads...yep, wigs.



Nichole said...

You are a great mommy period.

Brandy@YDK said...

i know all about the super guilt.

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