Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's OK Tuesday.

So I stole borrowed this from another blog.  It's a way of just accepting some of life's not so pleasant, ridiculous, or crazy moments.  I really like it.  So here goes.

It's ok,

-I had to make a mad dash to collect our drying clothes and diapers off the line because of a sudden storm.  It stunk because I had to rehang them on my drying rack inside.  I see that as twice the work...

It's ok,

-I missed Brandy's Friday link up.  We were all over the place on friday, I never sat down at the computer and left my phone in the diaper bag.  But I did weigh myself and I was the same weight as last week...BOO!!

It's ok,

-that I still haven't sent our Evie's birth announcements and a few thank you cards.  I'm trying...I swear I am trying. 

One day they will get out...just hopefully before I send out her one year birthday party invitations.

It's ok,

-that I'm turning into a hippie.  It's a whole post to itself, but suffice to say I think I deserve a shirt that says Earth Mama on it. 

It's ok,

-that my husband melted the cup we bought at the amusement park in the dishwasher.  He didn't read the hand wash only sign...or didn't take it seriously. 

It's one of those cups you pay a fortune for, but keep bringing it back for cheap refills.  I'm going to bring it and hand it to a cashier.  If they ask what happened, I think I'll tell them my husband can't read. 

Then maybe they'll take pity on me and give me a new one.

 It's ok, 

-my cat thinks he is a baby.  He sleeps in everything the baby sleeps in...it's pitiful as he is a hefty cat and well, he barely fits on this stuff. 
Right before Mark chased him off, he got the stink eye for waking him up.
 Plus it doesn't make me happy, as I have to wash whatever he is laying on...double boo.

It's ok,

-Elizabeth wants a pirate party for her birthday, rather than a princess or veggie tale party. 

She did princess last year.  It was adorable.

She's a pretty cute pirate too, but even funnier is her talking like a pirate.  I don't think I can make it through a whole party without laughing at her pirate voice. 

Plus seeing my family in pirate hats- double fun!!


sarajo said...

I'm turning into a hippie too. But I think I'm just not hippie enough yet. Seeing how I live in the city of the eternal hippie. Ahh, Portland. LOL!
And that poor cat, he's just trying to remind you that he's a baby too. LOL! I understand though. Who wants a baby covered in cat hair?

Nichole said...

I had to get Annabelle's diapers in for the same reason. Ugh! Luckily they were dry so I got very lucky! :oP Love the pirate girl!

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