Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Weight Loss- Week 5

It's that time again!!  Time to step on the scales and see the damage.  That's right, it's:

So here's this week's stats.

Overall goal: -30 lbs
1st goal: -10 lbs
Weight loss/gain: -2.6
Overall loss: -3.0

BOO-YAH!!  I'm so excited about this, especially since I sucked on eating this week.

Here's what I did well:

1.One coke and one tea.  Everything else I drank was water, crystal light, and juice.

2. I exercised like crazy!! On Monday, Wednesday, and today I did couch25k. On Tuesday and Thursday, I did EA active workout.

3. I've been working outside.  I MOWED for three days using our push mower.  Yes, we have that big of a yard.  No, we didn't mow it all.

4. I've been chasing my two year old around.  She loves being outside and the weather has participated.

5. I didn't snack much. 

6. Nursing Evie.  Ok, I'd do this even without the weight loss benefits.  But I think this saved me on the eating, thanks Evie!!

Some things I need to improve on:

1. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! I ate like a pig this week. When we went out I ate poorly.  Cheeseburgers, hotdogs, yep, all the bad stuff.

2. Portions- ok, this goes with food, but I did have a hard time not eating everything in front of me.  I don't know if it is the exercise or nursing...but I am a bottomless pit of hunger!

Some things that I think should be outlawed:

1. Expensive diet food.  Seriously, you would think healthier food would cost less.  It stinks that to be healthy you have to spend more money.

2. The Wii noises.  I weigh myself with our Wii.  It makes this awful noise when I step on it- like I'm hurting it.  Then when it weighs me, it makes this "you're a big fatty noise" and my Mii gets depressed.  You. Are. Killing. Me, Wii!!

3. The term fun run.  These words don't go together.  It isn't fun.

4. Doughnuts- Why are you so DELICIOUS?!?

Don't forget to head over to Brandy's page You Don't Know and check out her progress and everyone's else too.  Maybe even join up, you'd be glad you did!  No matter what, leave Brandy a nice comment for hosting this link up and for doing so well on her own weight loss journey.  It's a nice thing to do, plus she's super cool.


Nichole said...

You go girl!

amanda said...

Keep up the good work! My husband and I were just discussing the other night how eating healthy was so much more expensive. The only thing that made us eventually feel better about having to spend more money on our diet was that we rationalized it as we were saving money on future medical expenses by making ourselves healthier. :)

Brandy@YDK said...

wow - you are doing great. no wonder you were hungry with all that activity!

Amie said...

Wait til garden time! fresh fruits and veggies will help! Good Work!!!! That pic of doughnuts makes me want to go get an apple fritter in Dickson... mmmm doughnuts....

Corinne said...


Cerise said...

Great job! You were a rock star this week! I'm not surprised that you are starving.
Totally agree on the healthy food. It doesn't even go on sale that much!! REALLY needs to be banned.

Beth said...

Three pounds, holy cats! CONGRATS!! :D

Amber said...

I totally agree with you on the expensive diet food AND donuts. I never even used to LIKE donuts and now I find myself craving them, wth?

Sounds like we're both struggling with the food aspect of dieting this week - we need to seriously kick it in the rear!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Ok, in your last post you said you aren't interesting ... my 8 y/o and husband were giggling over this post ... you're a crack-up!

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