Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's ok, Tuesday.

So I stole borrowed this from another blog.  It's a way of just accepting some of life's not so pleasant, ridiculous, or crazy moments.  I really like it.  So here goes.

It's ok,

-that after taking three days to mow last week, the grass is already for another go.  I wish it would stop raining, grass shouldn't grow this fast...

It's ok,

-I'm working like crazy.  A week ago all of my jobs were in limbo, and I was a deadbeat and jobless.  It was nice too.  Now I have all three jobs coming at me at once.  Yes, I said three.  When it rains it pours, especially on my lawn.

It's ok,

-when I was coming home that I had to stop to allow a chicken cross the road.  Yes, just like the old joke.  He was taking his sweet time too.  If he had gone any slower, we would have had chicken for dinner.

Here he is already across.  I wasn't fast enough to get him in the road.

It's ok,

-that I walk into rooms and forget why I'm in there.  I'm not old, it's mommy brain and lack of sleep.  At least that is what I'm telling myself, especially since I'm turning a special age this year...though I've been thinking about not aging from now on.

It's ok,

-that I can't take a straight, centered picture of Evie.  I already told you I take all my photos on my phone.  It seems that I suffer from muscle spasm disorder as well, since all the photos I take she is off to the side.  I think it's the lack of caffeine.  I NEED something to help me focus...

Shaky hand, much?
 It's ok, 

-that I've been fighting with my iPhone to remove some old photos.  I miss the old Itunes.  You know when you could drag and drop things, rather than this silly sync stuff.  I know they don't want us to steal music, but really I'm too old sleep deprived to figure this stuff out.  Steve Jobs needs to take pity on tired, mommy brained, soon to be thirty women who just want to take off old photos, so they can take more non-centered photos of their kids.

It's ok,

-that I ramble...a lot.  I like to think I'm an interesting rambler, so it doesn't matter if I ramble.  Please let me continue under this assumption, as I'm perfectly happy being delusional. 

It's ok,

-that I constantly crave cheeseburgers.  I could eat one any time, any day.  Of course this also applies to tacos, cookies, and scrambled eggs.  I think nursing is increasing my appetite, or I've never notice what a human garbage disposal I am. 


Connie said...

My favorite hamburger is any one that has swiss and mushrooms on it! LOVE!

sarajo said...

Don't hate, but I just had a cheeseburger for lunch. It was soooo yummy! The coke helped too!

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm having some serious food cravings too - dieting is the worst.

and i have to take like 5 iphone pics in a row to get 1 decent one.

Nichole said...

I know why your pictures are off centered - I do it too! You aim, get her centered on the screen, and then do anything you can to get a smile - then you snap, but you are no longer centered! Sound right?

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