Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Crush

So I think my daughter has develop a new crush.  What you didn't know she already had a boyfriend?  Yep, my little social butterfly has had her eye on Brandon, our friend who is our other friend's (Amie) boyfriend, since she was a baby. She loves him!  Every time she sees him, she laughs non-stop.  She even threw a fit one time when we left.  She was holding out her arms screaming his name...

Coolness herself with her boyfriend.

I told you he could make her laugh.

However, it looks like Brandon might be losing his place as number one for another. Yep, Elizabeth has discovered Flynn Rider in the Disney movie Tangled.

She thinks he is hilarious and while watching the movie will tell me so.

Elizabeth- "he's so funny!!"

Me- "yep, real funny"

Elizabeth- has fit of laughter

Me- "you really like him don't you?"

Elizabeth- "I love him, he's so funny.  He said *insert two year old garbled movie quote here*"

Me- "What?!? You love him?"

Elizabeth- "Oh yes, I love him."

Sorry, Brandon. :(


Amie said...

SUPER CUTE! Brandon will be pretty upset though.
They sorta favor each other you think??

Brandy@YDK said...

we watched tangled last night it was so cute!~ she has good taste.

Nichole said...

haha So cute!

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