Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Potty Time

You thought you had escaped posts about the potty, didn't you? You guessed wrong! ;)

No, I have to admit, we were going great around my last potty post...but then we got sick. Now surprisingly, being sick didn't disrupt potty training. But something else did. I'm not sure if it was being babied or losing the novelty, but Elizabeth went from telling us and staying dry to having accidents and not telling us. I will also admit I expected this to happen, only after her sister was born...not before.

Well, we kept up with our routine and finally got to a point where she was upset to even go. So new strategy (and big thanks to mom for suggesting it). We decided to take toys that she doesn't play with often and make them bathroom toys. Also in order to play with them, she has to go (and I take her every hour). This has worked perfectly. She goes every time and has been dry for three days! Thank goodness we're back on track. The idea of losing all our progress was going to have me pulling out my hair, and you don't want to see a bald Kate...scary!


Brandy@YDK said...

great idea. good luck.

Nichole said...

Hope that it keeps working. I am storing that idea for later too!

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