Friday, March 25, 2011

I confess- that I totally copy everyone.


I saw this on Brandy's page at You Don't Know, it's the first time she has done it, and she had me rolling in the floor.  So I have to try it, and yes, I am totally copying her...but I'm not that original.  Oops, I probably should save that for the confessions.

I confess-

-that if my oldest daughter doesn't fall asleep right away or at all for her nap, I make her stay in her room in bed.  I mean I view nap time as ME time.  Otherwise, I might be even more crazy than I already am and no one wants to see that- especially my husband.

-that I am super jealous that other people have so many followers.  Yes, it's a petty thing and yes, I've only had a blog for less than a year...and said blog was only for family up to about a month ago, but I'm still super jealous.  I feel like the girl left out of the prom, though that would mean I'm all dressed up ready to go and to be honest I'm lucky I have matching socks today.

-that in an effort to tire my oldest daughter out, I took her to a fast food place playground.  I totally ate things I shouldn't have and it didn't work.

-that I let our youngest daughter sleep with me at nap time yesterday.  She's a snuggle baby and sleeps solid if you are cuddling her...I did mention that nap time was ME time, right?

-that when my husband comes home he changes the majority of dirty diapers.  I mean, I've been doing all day, that's just fair right?

-that I laugh at my own jokes.  No, I'm not funny, but I think that I am, and I'm happy with my current delusion.

-that I make my oldest daughter eat green beans, but eat very few if any myself.  I mean that should be the perk of being an adult right?

-that I went somewhere without a child for the first time in months, and I LOVED it.  I felt like a college student on spring break, only I went to Target and kept my clothes on.

-that I'm reluctant to give up my pregnancy jeans and may wear them forever.  I mean, clothes should be that comfortable all the time, right??

I know I'm not really funny, but hopefully I'm amusing.  Oh, and for those of you who do comment, thank you!  It brightens my day and makes me feel like I'm having a real conversation...and given that most of my conversations are about fairies, llamas, and/or going to the potty, that's saying a lot. ;)


Brandy@YDK said...

I think I'm hilarious. usually not so much. lol

You will get more followers as you link up to places and make friends. it will come. don't look at my # - most are just there for the free stuff.

Jessica G. said...

I totally have follower-envy, too! I came across one blog that had a couple hundred followers but all she ever posted was cartoons and pictures she found somewhere else on the internet. (And some days, I miss my pregnancy jeans, too.)

Debbie said...

I think you are very amusing! I loved the honest confessions and oh how I feel the same about nap time - haha. Anyway - new follower - have a happy evening.

sarajo said...

I'm jealous too, off all those people that have a huge following. I hate pushing for followers, but if you read my blog, just follow it. K? (Not you, I mean you can, but the was just a general term of you)

I love going out by myself. Even if it's just window shopping or going to the store.

And I'm so glad your DH changes most of the diapers when he is home! Mine does too! And we don't understand how husbands don't do this. Really, you made that baby too!

Nichole said...

I love it! :o) Yours confession were funny too! You and Brandy have a way with words. Me, not so much! LOL

I totally leave Anderson in his crib for some ME time at nap too. He relaxes anyway, so I think it is good for!
I have comment envy! LOL I dont mind the followers as I supposedly have 38, but only 5-6 leave comments. That is NOT right! LOL
And pregnancy jeans...yep...I love them. Nothing to button, or buckle. They also just fit comfortably too! There is just something about them! :o)

Mamarazzi said...

oh i crack myself up all the time.

nap time is ME time!!


thanks so much for linking up, loved your confessional and hope to see you every week!

Amie said...

ok... now i "follow" you! geesh peer pressure! Sorry i'm not quite clear what this means... But i feel like a preditor

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