Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The aftermath- the days following birth

So the night Evie arrived in this world, she was amazing. Right away I knew I had a good baby. She slept three hours immediately, and I had to wake her up to feed her. The only reason I knew to do this was the nurses woke me up. Usually I stick with the mantra- don't wake a sleeping baby. ;) But that night she did so well, and I was actually rested. Amazing!!

My good sleeper.
Anyway,over the next two days we had lots of visitors. My sister came by before heading back to NC, then I got to see my mom. Mark's folks came next and then had to leave to go home. My mommy (yes, I am almost 30 and refer to my mom as mommy- that's who she is) then stayed with me, while Mark and Elizabeth had some daddy/daughter time. That let me get another nap. Wonderful! I love grandparents. :) Now that night, was a little more rocky, but we soon figured out we have a cuddle baby, who wants to snuggle before going to bed. How could we say no?

Me and my sister.

Getting some Grammy snuggles.

Meeting her little sister for the second time.

Elizabeth's  best-best friend, Aunt Fran, seeing Evie.

My girls.

My family, not the best pick, but ok. :)

The next day they let us go home. Thankfully, before the 48 hour mark.  I did not want to go home at 8 pm. We headed home around 1:50 pm, and were so happy to be in our own bed. Elizabeth was still with my mom napping and came home a little while later. She was so excited to see her little sister.  All in all great day!

About to come home.

Close up of her coming home outfit, thank you Grammy!!

She didn't like the car seat, but has since come to find it as a nice place to take a nap.

Waiting to be released.

On the way out.
The next day we stayed at home with my mommy to help us and boy, I was glad to have her. Even though I was doing well, it's nice to have someone to help you. Thank you, mommy!!

Finally home!

Princess Aurora holding baby sister.

That Saturday a lot of my family came by. My sister, brother and his family, cousin, and grandparents (sadly, I did not get lots of photos, however, my family did take a bunch- I'll get theirs to post later). We cooked out with hamburgers and hot dogs, which if you know my husband was fantastic! We had a great day...not so great night though. Being held all day made Evie sleepy, so she reversed her good night sleeping to day. But the next day we didn't let that happen and ever since she's been sleeping well at night (getting up once a night). Yay!

My grandfather holding Evie.

My sister and cousin with my two girls.

Since then we've been getting into a routine, and so far we're doing really well. Still not perfect, but I'm happy with the progress we've made. :)


Brandy@YDK said...

i'm sure y'all will find what works soon.

Nichole said...

Cute pictures! Glad to hear that everything is going so well! :o)

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