Friday, March 11, 2011

The Day Before

So the day before delivery, I was a bag of nerves.  Not so much worried about the actual labor and delivery, but surprisingly I was just super worried about Elizabeth.  So afraid that she might not get enough attention or that she might feel like we don't love her or something.  Plus I had gotten into such a fun routine with her, I was super afraid I would miss all that.

Because of all my nerves, I spent almost the whole day spending every moment I could with her.  We played games, read books, and just had lots of fun.  I even sneaked into her room at nap time and laid down with her.  It was nice to have that cuddle time.

Now I had gotten the bags packed the day before, but had a few more things to add and do.  So other than spending time with Elizabeth I made some items to freeze for dinner and got the last of the house clean.  Mark's folks were coming up, so I got the guest room ready for them too. 

At 5:30 we headed out the door to meet my parents and sister for dinner.  Both of us were super nervous, the only person having a great time was Elizabeth.  She sang the whole way to the restaurant and it was such a tension breaker, and super adorable.

Once we got to the restaurant, I ate like a pig.  I know I am suppose to be in weight loss mode, but I remember how they didn't feed me with Elizabeth until after she was born and I knew I'd be in starvation mode if I didn't eat something.  We all had pizza and salad, which was wonderful.  It was at a local place where the pizza is homemade and the sauce is divine. Not to mention the ranch dressing is out of this world (also homemade), which is every good southern girl's weakness. ;)  The funniest part of the dinner, when Elizabeth congratulated my sister for going to the bathroom (can you tell we have potty trained?).

We went back to my parent's house where we got Elizabeth ready for bed and then talked with my parents and sister before we had to leave.  I had one of the funniest conversations with my mom and sister I had ever had...I hate to be this person, but you had to be there on that one.  Sorry, I know that is annoying, but it is the truth.

The rest begins the birth story, which I will post next.  Until that is out, enjoy a family photo of us before baby's arrival.

Hugging on baby sister.

All three of us the Sunday before the delivery.
Me and my baby!

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Brandy@YDK said...

Great pictures. I bet you were super nervous

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