Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 3 Weeks, Evie!

That's right, Evie is officially three weeks old today.  Time is flying by.  So far in Evie's three weeks, she has:

-been to the dr and got a great checkup,
-gone to Grammy's several times,
-had lots of visitors,
-been for walks with her big sis (yes I've been taking the stroller out and walking- score one for weight loss),
-had her picture taken,
-been out to her first restaurant (stayed covered in the car seat the whole time),
-and been to the playground twice (again stayed in her car seat in the stroller the whole time- great sleeper!).

Once we get the all clear from the pediatrician we're heading to church.  I really miss it, and I know they would love to see her even if it is just in the car seat. ;)

Evie and Elizabeth snuggling in Elizabeth's bed before nap today.  Three weeks old and counting!


Brandy@YDK said...

wow 3 weeks has flown.

Amie said...

Happy 3 week B-day EVIE!!!! I gotta get out there to get teeny baby snuggles!!!!

Nichole said...

Happy 3 weeks!

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