Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's OK- Tuesday

Welcome back to it's ok, Tuesday.  A time to just accept things and let them go all at once.

So it's ok that...

-I let my daughter lick butter off of her biscuit the other morning and not eat the biscuit.  I mean we are southern and except for sweet tea, butter is our life blood.

-my husband has a knack for starting laundry when I get in the shower, so I get a spray of cold followed by hot.  At least he's willing to do laundry...

-I got super excited that we went to Lowe's and got a nice clothesline for really cheap.  I mean, I'm not old...no really, I'm not.

-my oldest daughter likes to steal my disposable breast pads and stick them to the side of her head pretending that she is Larry Boy.  Don't know who Larry Boy is, see below.

-I got two bombshell emails from both of my places of employment. Yes, I still have my jobs, but it looks like things are changing...(cryptic I know, but I don't know all details yet)

-the only time I was alone today was in the car to Chik fil a. It last all of ten minutes. I at least got to listen to some of my music.

-I'm looking forward to grocery shopping, since I'll be able to leave my house for a little while.

-the weather is seriously ticking me off.  I mean would it kill the sun to come out so Mark can install my new clothesline, I can lay out Evie's diapers, we could walk, and Elizabeth could play outside. Oh and no more rain.  I'm tired of rain and cold...it even snowed Monday morning!

-that I'm so busy during the day and getting things together at night, that I can't seem to work in exercise time.  It makes me feel like I should name my fat rolls, since I'll be seeing them for awhile. ugh.

1 comment:

Brandy@YDK said...

i love time alone! even if it's to run to the grocery store. and grocery shopping alone is the best ever. I'm sorry to hear about the job stuff - that doesn't sound good.

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