Friday, March 25, 2011

Losing the baby weight- Week 2

It's that time again.  Time to think about how I did this week.  I have to admit I don't feel real good about it either.  Here's why:

1. I had some indulgences- mainly I ate a bunch of chips one night as a snack and they were delicious.  Food shouldn't be that yummy.  :(  I also had a hamburger one day from a fast food restaurant, but I did it because we were on our way to the park, and I didn't pack a picnic like I should have. 

2. I fell prey to my greatest weakness- SODA.  Yes, this should fall under indulgences, but I'm giving it's own category as it is my new nemesis.  Now I will say I was better this week, I have cut my consumption way down, but I still had some.

3. I still have not started strict exercise routine.  I know strict sounds harsh, but I do want to have something I do regularly every week.  I know that will help a lot.

However, I have made some improvements.

1. I cut my soda consumption down.  I call this win-lose.  Less is better, but none would be even better.

2. I have started taking the girls out on walks whenever it is nice enough.  We did it three days in a row and then it stormed like crazy.  I'm serious, hail and everything.  Pushing that double stroller with two kids is tough, particularly up hills.  I go the length of our street and down to llama's paddock.  Then we go back.  My oldest daughter loves it.  So we end up making multiple trips = more calories burned.

3. I have cut down on my snacking.  Except for two nights, I was a good girl.

4. I have kept us at home eating for dinner...better than out to eat, and I tend to eat smaller portions at home.

5. I have finally weighed myself and yes, the little mii on my wii was sad.  One day I vow to make her happy.  Anyway, next week, I'll be able to tell if I have lost or gained.  However, I will say I'm not brave enough to post my weight.  I know, I'm totally chickening out, but I'm just not prepared for anyone to know that about me just yet. 

So next week I'll have some numbers for you and until then head over to Brandy's page at You Don't Know to check out her progress.  She's doing really well, which makes me want to put down the potato chip bag.  No really, I'm super impressed with her progress and you should be too.  So send her some love because it's a nice thing to do.  ;)


Brandy@YDK said...

AWWW thanks for the love. you don't have to post your #s. I seriously struggled with posting mine for several weeks. You sound like you are doing great. I still have moments of indulgence. and I drink Diet pop so I don't feel so bad but I should be drinking water.

Cerise said...

Those double strollers take a little while to get used to, but you'll get there! I'm now pushing a double stroller and walking our pullaholic dog and I have NO upper body strength. Seriously never thought I would be able to do that.
You're right Brandy is awesome and inspiring, but so are you! Working out and being healthy is super hard with kids. You are doing great!

Corinne said...

I hated my double stroller. Tim started riding his tricycle to the park at about three, and I pushed Noah in a single stroller. Helped a ton, and he could go so damn fast on the trike

amanda said...

Don't feel bad! You have to indulge from time to time or life will be very miserable. :) I'm not sure you have to eat a whole bag of chips and jar of queso like I did last night, but a few indulgences here and there shouldn't hurt too much.

Have you seen those little yellow bottles of lemon juice in the produce section at grocery stores? I started squeezing some of that in my water a while back because water is so boring, and now I'm addicted. I go through sooo many bottles of lemon juice a week, but I've been drinking less soda and more water. :)

Nichole said...

I am sure that you are doing great! Posting it on here helps I am sure! :o)
Brandy is doing great also! You all rock!

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