Friday, June 10, 2011

Work break

So life seems to always catch up with me...

While I'm keeping up with work, I've got another big push to get some more data done.

There is also a push at the editing company I work for to get some stuff done by the end of the month.

Plus I just found out, I will be teaching this fall at our local University.  Yay!

I've got two courses lined up.  So guess what I get to do?  Build course material, which if anyone knows the first time you have to do this for a course takes a LONG time.

Finally, I think I've finally decided to take the Etsy plunge.  I'm going to start with crocheting.  While I love my sewing machine and the embroidery it can do, I need some practice on things before I start selling. 

In addition to work, I'm testing out patterns and figuring out price points.  Add this to our already busy schedule and things are getting a little crazy.

So I'm probably going to be posting less, but I will try to keep up with things.  Just don't be shocked if you don't see much from me or hear from me. 

But once things get back to normal, I'm thinking free stuff! Though after I bounce some ideas off you all.  ;)


Brandy@YDK said...

wow you are a super busy chick.

Nichole said...

You go super mommy! Good luck with everything! You will do great! I think you are like me and actually do better when you are busy!! You sound that way anyways!

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