Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I've never considered myself a girly girl.

I mean, I played GI Joe and Transformers as a child.  You could always find me in a tree in the backyard with my microscope in tow, and I rarely did very much I considered "girly".

In high school, I listened to punk music, cut my hair short, and loved going to listen to bands in the area.  Some of my oldest friends today are covered in tattoos and consider themselves metal heads. ;)

My chosen profession- I handled rats and mice on a daily basis.  In my lab training, I learned how to dissect, solder circuits together, built apparatuses, and became extremely handy with a dremel (there is nothing I can't dremel). Along with some other stuff, which I won't mention for anyone who is squeamish.

So when I had a girl, I assumed I would raise a little girl a lot like me.

For the most part she is, but with a few differences...

I demanded a yellow room with sunshine as a child...this is what Elizabeth wanted.

Princess Room
I don't ever remember wanting to do makeup or brush hair...Elizabeth walked into Ulta with myself and my sister, and almost fainted.  The phrases- pretty bottle, gorgeous, beautiful, and pretty were overused- A LOT.

I refused to play tea party with my mom...Elizabeth let out the cutest girly scream ever when she saw me carry in a tea tray.  This was followed by "we're having a party, yay!  So gorgeous!".
She loved adding "creamer" (aka milk) to her "tea" (chocolate soy milk).

Baby Huffington joined us.  Though I guess he didn't like the tea.   

But I guess all in all, we are a lot alike. 

We both love to swim, sing, play in the dirt, read a good book, solve a good mystery (she is now obsessed with Busytown Mystery- don't ask).

Even though Elizabeth favors pink swimsuits, while I'm for black.  I love old country and alternative rock...Elizabeth is a Kindermusik girl.  She has to wash her hands immediately after getting dirty, and I'm of the mind that a little dirt can't hurt you.  Her idea of a good book is Rain, Drop Plop or What Doozers Do, whereas I love Evolving in Monkeytown and anything written by Terry Pratchett.  A good mystery to me, is the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes that is set in modern times...and hers involves a cat name Huckle that wears lederhosen. 

So she may be a bit girly-er than me...but that's ok, because she's herself and that's what matters.

Besides she's a super cute princess!


Nichole said...

Cute post! Love her little personality! Cannot wait to see how Annabelle is going to be!

Amber said...

I just love when little girls say things like gorgeous, beautiful or fabulous. This post just screams Elizabeth's personality! The room, the tea party, the tutu!

So adorable!

Brandy@YDK said...

that's so fun. i need a girl.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

I've missed reading your posts -- so nice to catch up. This is such a sweet post ....

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