Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden Monsters

We are novice gardeners.

I am usually the person that kills houseplants. 

That's why we have one houseplant in our entire home...and it's lucky it's survived this long.

For a long time, I have refused to take plants from people, citing that I'm the Angel of Death for plants.

And now...

Not only is my garden blooming, it has HUGE squash plants that are threatening to take over the rest of the garden.

Honest, the broccoli plants don't know what to do...

The beans are just lucky they aren't as close.  It's getting scary, we may even have a whole garden coup in a few days.

Mark has decided next year we need a bigger garden.  One that can hold it's own with our monster squashes (summer, butternut, and zucchini). 

I'm all for it, especially since this redeems my tattered plant growing reputation.

By the way, anyone need any squash?? ;)


Amber said...

Imagine what your garden will be like next year with all the epic skills you're gaining this year! You'll probably be reaching country fair territory with your giant squash plants!

Nichole said...

You will have plenty to make all Evie's baby food! She better like squash! LOL :oP

Brandy@YDK said...

that's so exciting!

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