Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Worthwhile Wednesday- Wool Dryer Balls

Looking for another way to save and reduce your waste?

I'm trying wool dryer balls and getting rid of my dryer sheets!

Dryer balls work by separating your clothes as they circulate in the dryer which allows the warm air to reach more of your clothing, reducing dryer times. In addition to this, the slightly rough, felted outside of the balls creates friction against the fabrics, which cuts down on static and softens your clothes.

Now I already use white vinegar for a fabric softer to get rid of liquid softner.  1/2 a cup in your rinse dispenser will soften your clothes, remove stains, and kill germs!!  However, who doesn't want extra softness and less energy use that wool dryer balls provide?

My dryer balls are made from 100% natural wool yarn, do not use a wool blend!!  It will not felt.

I wrapped a solid wool ball and then crocheted a case around it. The addition of the crocheted cover does not allow unraveling within your dryer, while you are drying your clothes. (some versions do, based on the amount your wool felts) I used a simple crochet ball pattern that was for a hacky sack and just expanded it to make it larger.

After construction I felted them, which is really simple to do.  In order to felt, simply run a load of whites and drop your dryer balls into the wash.  The hot water helps nap the wool and then toss them in the dryer at the highest heat to cause even more felting.  I only felted mine once, but you could do it multiple times.

After felting
 My dryer balls are unscented, but the addition of fragrance can be added, check out essential oils.

These are approximately 9 inches in circumference, and most people recommend you start with anywhere between 3-8 balls, so I started with 3 balls.

So far so good, and I'm liking them for diapers this winter.  Cuts down on our drying time and cost us very little to make!

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Now for shameless plug...if you aren't into finding your own wool, winding yarn, crocheting, or felting, then try my Etsy store.  I've got a set of three for $12.  Might sound like a lot, but considering you won't need to buy another dryer sheet...it's really savings!

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Emilie said...

$12 is a great price especially considering that you crochet yours. Thanks for sharing!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Hi Kate,
I love your dryer ball idea! And we use vinegar too. :)

Cerise said...

I was going to say you should totally put those in your shop! $12 is a great deal!

Brandy@YDK said...

ooooh fancy!

WhisperingWriter said...

That is a great idea!

Cindy said...

I love these! I've been wanting to make my own for awhile, you have just reminded me to get on that.

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