Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom Monday- In which we sing

For today's mom monday, I'm linking up with Sarah Bessey for her Practices of Parenting Carnival.

In this carnival, all types of parents are sharing what we have learned.  But I'll let, Sarah tell you more,

"all of us sharing what works and what we've learned about parenting so far. This is a celebration of us - the regular parents, the ones without everything figured out, imperfect but hopeful, usually still in the midst of it all - and all of the different, creative, crazy, beautifully sane ways that we've discovered to enjoy parenting these precious little souls in our care for just a few years."

I'm excited to join up, and I hope you enjoy one of my latest additions to my practices of parenting- Singing! 

I'm not a patient person.

It's been a struggle for me most of my life.  As I've gotten older and later when we had our first daughter, my lack of patience and quick temper has become a bigger issue.  I don't want my girls to model my behavior when I'm tired and frustrated, it's not pretty, even with red hair.

I'd much rather they find the joy in every situationFor them to be the type of person God calls us to be, to display the fruits of our faith in every day life, and to feel God's love for us even in their darkest moments.

But I also know that the girls model a lot of their behavior from what they see of me, not what I hope for them.  I'm the one home with them all day and those moments where I'm frustrated because...

-my husband left a coffee ring on the counter...again.

-I turn around to find all the folded clothes strewn out over the floor in the 5 seconds I had my back turned by my 11 month old, who is immensely proud of herself.

-I'm drowning in laundry that is all shades of pink.

...does not need to turn into crying fits or lead to snapping at them later on.  So in order to help them find the joy in every situation, then I need to do the same!

I've thought about this for a long while, and I think I've finally found a way to find joy in those frustrating moments, at least for me.

Singing praises!!

As I said above this is new for me, but last month I joined the choir at church.  I've LOVED it.  Nothing brings me closer to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ than singing praises to God together.  It made me think, if I can find joy at the end of a long day, just because I get to sing, why not sing all day??

So instead of getting flustered because the house is messing and needs picking up, I'm going to sing "O Happy Day".

Rather than snap at my daughter for not picking up her toys after I told her three times, I'm going to sing "Joyful, joyful".

When I don't know what to cook for dinner and the baby is crying, I'm going to sing "It won't be long".

Rather than ranting and raving that we are late again to Kindermusik, I'm going to sing "God on the mountain".

And guess what...

My oldest has already starting singing "O Happy Day" with me, she even clapped along to the song as we drove along.  By the end of the song, we were laughing and smiling together.

So don't mind me, I'll just be that crazy lady singing

in the midst of the grocery store ,

driving down the street,

and even during fact, feel free to join me.


Katherine Willis Pershey said...

I wrote about singing, too! This is the first era in my life in which I'm not singing with a choir or band, and I miss it dearly. Thanks for your wonderful post!

Sarah Bessey said...

I can't carry a tune but I'm a singer, too. I sing all the day long and it totally helps. Loved this - and your heart. And another sweet Evelyn! xo

Sarah Silvester said...

That's so lovely. I was about to lose my mind the other day with my kids, and I think perhaps they thought I had when I started singing very loudly that Jesus had set me free forever!!! But it did something, for me and for the atmosphere in the room. Thank you for your post! :)

Mihee said...

I love song and music, and feel I hadn't had time for it these first many months of the babies' lives. But started playing the piano again, and singing to and dancing with the babies, and you're right, it brings so much joy so easily and quickly!

Christiana said...

A wonderful remedy to complaints and frustrations...praise! Thank you for sharing your struggles that most of us have too.

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