Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's day!

Our Valentine's celebrations are fairly simple and we allow ourselves to splurge on chocolate. But mainly our day is about love- for our family, friends, church, and God. We're not big on the romance side, but I love a good excuse to show in an extra special way (besides our every day ways which are just as important) that we love each other!

So we're wrapping ours up, after FOUR days of celebrating. Yes, you read that correctly...FOUR days....what can I say, we have a lot of love.

It started on Saturday when our church had their annual Loving Hearts Banquet.

It is a fabulous tradition, where our church family comes together to celebrate our love for God and each other...with food and entertainment. Can you think of a better way to celebrate?? ;)

My parents came with us and we had a delightful meal- yay, break for mommy- of pork loin, dressing, apples, green beans, red potatoes, salad, sour dough bread, and dessert. Can you guess which part was Elizabeth's favorite?

It was delicious!!

The chocolate mouse was in an edible chocolate shell.  YUM!

Then starts the entertainment. Boy, we've got some talented members. Singing, door prizes, and a comedian that had us laughing so hard, I was sore the next day.

All the kids got some sweet treats, you can see Mark with Evie getting some MORE chocolate.

And did I mention Elvis joined us?

Next up, Sunday. Well, to be honest we rested Sunday and that was a huge treat for me. ;)

Monday, we headed to Elizabeth's Kindermusik and exchanged Valentines with her buddies.

Even better we had a play date with two other wonderful mommies and their total three great kids. Loved it and next week were playing at our house. Yay!!

Today, Evie and I headed to her Kindermusik, while Mark and Elizabeth stayed home. Mark is going out of town for a couple of days and then again next week, so he took the day off to help me.

And by help, I mean he cleaned the WHOLE house and did laundry. Yay and thank you!!!

We headed out for lunch and then I was off to teach. When I got back my house was clean, dinner was ready, and I had some Valentine surprises.

Surprise #1: Whitman Sampler

This is a tradition from my family. My dad got us one every year. After dinner we were only allowed one piece of candy. We did this every night until it was gone. With five of us it went fast...it might take us a little while for this one.

Surprise #2:

Ice cream cake- technically yogurt cake...another great tradition from my family. My dad got us one every year and it was a special treat. We weren't big sweets eaters, but for ice cream cake we made an exception.

We exchanged our Valentines and then got the girls off to bed.

Now it's time to relax and enjoy some time to ourselves. Here's hoping your celebrations were just as fun!

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Brandy@YDK said...

wow that looks awesome sounds like you have some great traditions.

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