Monday, December 27, 2010

The tree comes down

So those of you who saw the house before the tree came down, know this was a feat and deserving of its own post.  For those that don't, let me explain.  Apparently someone long ago planted their Blue Spruce Christmas tree out in front of the house.  Then they forgot about it, or decided nature should take it's course.  It was an industrious tree, and grew until it towered above the house.  It was so big, they had to cut the limbs off so it would fall correctly (it was too heavy!!). 

So Dad, Jerry, Paw, and Mark got to work on November day.  First both Jerry and Dad climbed into the tree and cut the limbs.  Paw made a joke about Dad cutting the limb the was standing on, then Dad did cut the limb he was standing on. That's when I went inside for a bit.  Anyway, after they cut off a bunch of the limbs, Jerry notched the tree in the middle and they pulled it (Mark in the truck with the wire attached) down.  Then they notched the bottom and brought down the rest.  It was a feat.  They have since cut it into pieces, and we have carried a bunch off.  However, it was so huge we still have a ton in the yard.  Limbs are everywhere...

By the way, anyone want any Pine?? ;)

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