Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanksgiving- Hospital visits

It's been a strange holiday season. Right before Thanksgiving my Paw went into the hospital for surgery on his kidneys.  They removed blockage from both kidneys, but it still looked like he would be going on dialysis.  While waiting for the catheter surgery, his numbers changed suddenly and they sent him dialysis.  We were very happy.  Since then he's had an up and down time.  Back and forth to the doctor...who has said dialysis then no dialysis.  I know he has his good and bad days.  So keep him in your prayers...hopefully he can avoid dialysis completely and get back on his feet.

We also had a hospital visit.  I caught a virus and had to go to control the vomiting.  I got so dehydrated that after being released from the hospital several days later I was back with abdominal pains (on my birthday- I ruined Mark's plans).  The doctor was afraid it was preterm labor.  Turns out it wasn't, but they had to control it, so it wouldn't turn into preterm labor.  I was treated and released with lots of restrictions.  I rested for quite a bit and about a week later was pain free. The doctor was happy and thinks we are out of the woods.  But I'm no longer traveling very far and in Feb. we won't go anywhere- Dr's orders.

All this together made for a strange week before Thanksgiving.  We decided to have Thanksgiving in NC since Paw was not up for traveling. But my family was able to pull everything together even with all the craziness and give us a good meal together.  Plus with all the scary stuff happening, we all were especially thankful this year.

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