Monday, December 27, 2010


So a little out of order, but we had a wonderful Halloween.  First, we closed on the house.  That was wonderful.  But we also had dress up day at Kindermusik (I forgot my camera), a Halloween party at the library (lots of yummy treats), and then went trick or treating in downtown Kingsport with Aunt Melissa.  Elizabeth was a fairy at all events and seem to have a lot of fun.  She was in awe of all the other kids dressed up, particularly when she saw a few Disney Princesses.  We really enjoyed everything, but I think Elizabeth loved the Halloween party most of all, since not only did she get lots of treats, but they played party games. See the pics below.

Halloween Day- Trunk or Treating Downtown Kingsport
Mommy and Princess Elizabeth

I can have candy?

Trick or Treating with Daddy

Aunt Melissa Downtown Kingsport

Melissa and my pumpkin- Awesome

Elizabeth's pumpkin- She loved it!

The aftermath- Look at all that candy!
Library Party!

She LOVED the games!

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