Monday, December 27, 2010

New House

So last you heard we had bought a new house.  Well, we after a month of work we are in the house and have had our first Christmas here!  I cannot say enough about everyone who helped us.  We really appreciated all the hard work and thanks to you all we have a very comfortable home.  Most of all, my parents deserve the most praise.  Dad and Mom were over at the house every step of the way working.  I cannot tell you how much time and energy they have spent helping us.  It's more than we could ever repay or deserve!!

To let you know how much was done, we first started painted.  Every room except the master bath was painted.  In most cases, the rooms had to be primed (there was a lot of paneling) and then two coats added.  It was a LOT of work (understatement of the year).  Dad even painted my cabinets which are a pretty green (I think everyone was shocked with the color choice, but most agree it looks good).  All of this took most of the month, to emphasize how much work this was, out of the whole month I think Dad didn't paint two days.  Yikes!! We also had the floors refinished (they look great!!), and a lot of the electrical outlets have been changed over (thank you Jon!).  A kitty door was installed (thanks, Will!) and the doors were also installed (thanks, Mr. Crow).  I got new solid surface counter tops, microwave, range, and dishwasher.  It may be small, but I LOVE my new kitchen.

We finally moved in the first week of December.  It took awhile to get stuff settled, but we've done well, especially considering at the same time we were decorating for Christmas.  We still have stuff at Mom and Dad's, but hopefully we'll get all of it out soon. 

We still have several projects left.   Cleaning up the rest of our massive tree (see other post), organizing the basement, making/hanging curtains, hanging blinds, fixing a new backsplash in the kitchen, and finishing out a few trims etc.  But all in all, it looks pretty good, and I'm really proud of us!

The really scary part, I have to get out boxes to put away the Christmas stuff!!

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