Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ever expanding belly bump

I don't have many pictures of me pregnant, but I'll probably post a few (Enjoy the bump only photo below).  I'm not much on seeing yourself preggo...I mean my distorted body image makes me think I look great, not gaining much weight.  However, when you see pictures, you really realize how much fluid etc. you've packed on. 

But as for the doctor, she is very happy with how things are progressing.  No more pains, and my weight gain is right on target.  My doctor is a big advocate of not gaining more than the recommended amount.  Anyway, I had my glucose test and more blood work done.  Good news, no gestational diabetes.  Bad news, my red blood cell count is really low, so more iron for me.  I had the same problem with Elizabeth, so it's not so bad.  As long as my blood pressure stays ok, I'll be really happy.  With Elizabeth, my blood pressure dropped and I had to wear these oh so fashionable white compression socks.  They weren't exactly fun... 

My view of Baby Girl to Be.

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