Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I've joined a local BSF group, and I'm learning so much about my God and faith.  I thought I would share a few nuggets of wisdom that I receive each week.  Not the whole thing, mind you, just something that struck me as a wonderful thought or truth.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and hopefully I will represent the organization well.  Here goes:

This week might be very applicable to a lot of people.  I know it applies to me.

While the church universal is commanded to love, it doesn't always work that way.  Too often the church hurts the people, and it not only results in the church seeming hypocritical, but it tarnishes God's love. 


Because we are His representatives on this earth and are called to display His love in every moment.  When we hurt people in the name of our faith, we trivialize our faith, making it something to be ridiculed and disrespected.  And truly, can you blame those that have been so hurt by the church? 

So with that in mind,

When we dedicate our lives to Jesus, we must give him our all!

Not just on Sunday and not just to people we want to love.  

Being a follower of Jesus means stepping forward and being public about your faith.

Not because you are eager to quote scripture to people or to tell them how their lives fall short of God's commands...

but because you live a lovely life!  A life filled with love for everyone.

The church truly is the demonstration of God's love, and when we love completely,

we attract people to Christ.

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