Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A post of politics...of sorts.

So if you are friends with me on facebook, you know that I am a huge fan of the evangelical writer, Rachel Held Evans.

I'm constantly reposting her blog posts and with good reason, her blog is WONDERFUL.

Upon introduction, I found her blog posts thoughtful, well written, well researched, and fair.  When I saw she had a book out, I immediately bought it (Evolving in Monkeytown).  It didn't disappoint, either.  I highly recommend it...but I digress.

About a month ago, I was reading her latest post 13 things I won't do this election season. I was amazed.  As soon as I read it, I saw so much of myself.

Especially #2, starting fights on facebook about politics.

Now I'm not so sure I've started any fights, but that hasn't stopped me from participating in the full force.  So when I read her post, I have to say, I was inspired.

I told myself this time, I would be different.

So instead of fighting, I have not clicked any links and/or read comments that I know will upset me.  I have also avoided posting links that support my political views and might cause a fight or encourage discord among my facebook friends.

I have avoided temptation, because as my mom so rightly put it, I have an overactive sense of justice that cannot leave well enough alone.

Except for a few clicks of a like on a link or two, I've been good.

No random fights,

No snarky comments,

No midnight yelling at the computer screen...

But I finally saw something I couldn't resist and instead of putting it on facebook for all to see, I thought I'll put in on my blog.  Because to be honest, I've met such a nice group of people blogging that I thought you might be polite enough to ignore my weaknesses.

So I hope you can forgive me and my one (sort of) political blog post.


Side note- definitely check out Rachel's blog!  It is fabulous.  I have learned so much about different religions from her Ask a...Series.


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as Free. Someone has to pay. Jesus paid on the Cross,while Obama expects taxpapers to pay for themselves and for non-taxpayers. Mom

Amber said...

Your mom sounds like a smart lady, ;)

It's hard to stay quiet about politics, especially if your views aren't the popular ones. So props to you for being able to stick to your guns about it!

Amie said...

Can I get that on a tee shirt???

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