Monday, September 26, 2011

Mom Monday

So little funny to start your Monday off right.

A couple of weeks ago Mark took Elizabeth to Kindermusik for me, while I was taking Evie to her six month dr's appointment.

Elizabeth has graduated to the upper level Kindermusik.  I no longer stay with her the entire time.  Instead I'm there for a few minutes then get walked to the library next door, until the kids come back to get us for the last 15 minutes.  Elizabeth LOVES it.

So after the hello song, Elizabeth jumps up to lead Mark to the library.  After grabbing his hand she turned to her teacher, Ms. Beth, and announced to the whole class:

My Daddy is C-U-T-E!

Needless to say, Mark was a bit embarrassed.

My response:

Be happy she said your were cute...imagine the alternative.

That's when I started laughing.


Amber said...

An excellent point, and you know with kids they always tell the truth so if it was the other way around she definitely would've voiced it! haha

WhisperingWriter said...


Nichole said...

Love it! Daddy's little girl! Looks like it wont be long before she will be asking him to marry her. I hear that is extremely common! :o)

Amie said...

oooooo Brandon will be so jealous!!! ;)

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