Monday, March 19, 2012

Mom Monday- One Year!

Today was Evie's one year old doctors appointment.

Even though she HATED the shots, she actually did wonderfully.  She calmed down quickly and when they drew blood, she didn't make a sound.  She was a trooper!  Though funny aside- she pulled off her bandaid and got blood on her checkout sheet- I was mortified, but the checkout lady said she'd had much worse. ;)

The doctor was really impressed.  Evie was very happy and was measuring great.  She is 18% in weight, 40% in height, and ~50% in head circumference.  I will say, both my babies are petite, but very healthy.

She is talking more each day.  The doctor was particularly pleased that she knew so many words.  My personal favorite is when she says thank you- it comes out tank you- so cute!  I have to say, I credit her vocabulary to two things: 1) my house is never quiet, someone is always talking and we don't talk down to anyone, the same words I use with Mark, I use with the girls and 2) Kindermusik: I could go on and on about how great Kindermusik is, but in the interest of time, I'll say that Evie picked up at least two words from Kindermusik.  All in all the doctor made me one proud mommy!

Now to be fair, it wasn't all perfect.  She is still a little picky about some of her foods, but the doctor told us we had a normal child and not to worry, just keep exposing her to the items that she isn't eating.  But I think we are turning a corner with Evie's "pickiness" she's eating a little broccoli now and tomato based sauces.  So hello more yummy veggies!  Of course she'll always eat her staple veggies- carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash- and the girl hasn't met a fruit she doesn't like.

All in all a good day for little Evie!

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