Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy, Busy- and a little catch up.

So lately things have been super busy...but it's all good stuff.

Last week was consignment shopping, and I got my sweet girls' whole wardrobes for a fraction of the cost.  Plus I got a ton of toys- for birthdays and to start a game night.  Yes, Elizabeth is finally old enough to play board games!

Silly Girls!!
In case you didn't know, I'm a serious consignment shopper (I went for three days!).  I really don't see the need of buying anything except shoes new.  My girls don't have normal feet- Elizabeth's are narrow and Evie's are chubby...so it makes for a hard fit even at the stores.

This week Mark is in Lexington wrapping some things up.  It's good news that I'll share later.

We've had our usual Kindermusik classes and bible study to keep us hopping.

It's garden season here.  We've got our raised bed in for lettuce and broccoli, and will be plowing up the field this week.  Looks to be around an acre of garden...probably less as I'm adding in the area I'm hoping to have our chicken coop on...which I'm steal fighting for someone to build for me.

Going to the garden
My Etsy store is keeping me even busier.  I love sewing and what a great response I've got.  I'm hitting an average of two orders a week so far.  It's been great and I've even learned applique!

Journal editing is starting back up in full gear.  I'm excited as I love to edit.

New things are happening too!  Elizabeth is signed up for preschool in the fall.  Can you believe that she'll be in Kindergarten in 2013!!!!  How did that happen?!?!?

She and her best friend, Kara, are in the same preschool and should be going to the same school.  They love each other and lately I hear a lot of, "let's go to Kara's house".  It's too sweet!!

I've got my new work schedule.  I'll be teaching two course online this summer and one course this fall.  Always great to teach.

Church is getting busy.  We've got our Easter event coming up that is community wide and the choir has been traveling to other churches to sing.  It's a lot of fun and I enjoy being so involved.

Still looking for swim lessons for the summer for both girls and looking forward to our family beach vacation!

What a wonderful life we lead!!

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