Friday, April 27, 2012

Prayers Requested

I have a friend from college that is going through the worst thing I can imagine.

She was pregnant with twins after trying for quite awhile, and just this week went into labor early.  She has since lost one of her girls and the other is in critical care...only 1 lb.

She was suppose to deliver in July.

My heart weeps for her and last night after finding out, I held my two girls tight.  I felt guilty to be so blessed...

So please, please pray for her this week.  I can't imagine the nightmare she is living right now...

Prayers are especially requested tomorrow, as they are having a small funeral for her lost little one this Saturday. 

I don't want to share her name, for privacy reasons, but God knows her name when you pray for her (K.H.), and please do pray...and hold your loved ones tight.  Everyday we have with them is a blessing.

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