Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Conversations with my three year old

I missed posting Monday. So I'm breaking my rule and posting twice today. First I wanted to share a glimpse into our lives and the conversations I regularly have with my three year old. It's can be interesting and a bit frustrating...

"Hello, Mommy. I need to ask you a question."


"There's a big monster in my town."

"And your question is?"

"Mmmmoooommmyyy, I said there's a big monster."

"I'm still waiting for the question."

"...." (blank stare)

"Maybe you want to know what to do about the monster?"

"YES." (hands on hips)

"Go hide."

She runs to hide. Evie and I enjoy a few bites of food...ah, silence.

Call me tricky, but Evie and l loved it.

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