Monday, January 16, 2012

Mom Monday- Trying to be thankful during the worst.

So I had to skip my blog post on Friday, we've been fighting a stomach virus for FOUR days.

Each one of has got it...




It makes for a long and interesting weekend, to say the least. We're all still "off our feed" too (but are getting there).

But in the midst of all this sickness, I've been grateful for a number of things:

1) A husband not afraid to clean up throw up. I don't do throw up well. Blood, guts, and other bodily fluids- no problem. Don't ask why, I can't figure it out myself...

The hubby and I when we got married, trying to remind him why he married me... ;)
 2) A little girl that after throwing up can turn around and play happily...that is once she is cleaned up.

Playing kisses with her sister.

3) Baby snuggles, that allowed us to get a nap after a VERY long night of no sleep.

4) A husband willing to watch the girls while I recovered and then took care of himself in the middle of the night when he got sick. I'm pretty sure that makes me the worse wife ever....sorry, Mark.

Remember we're not always awful, Mark, sometimes we're good too. ;)

All in all a lot to be thankful for, though I could have done without the illness for a reminder. ;)


Nichole said...

Hope that it is gone and doesn't come back for a long time! Side note - I am the throw up cleaner upper in the house. If Andy tries, then I just get to clean up his too! LOL :oP

WhisperingWriter said...

I hope everyone feels better.

I hate dealing with barf!

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