Friday, August 12, 2011

Mommy Group Search...

So since moving back to TN and becoming a full time stay at home mom/part time work from home mom, I've been looking for ways to meet other moms and kids (Elizabeth's age). 

Originally I thought if I just signed up for the classes Elizabeth enjoyed, that I would meet people naturally.  In a year's time we have done Kindermusik, story time, gymnastics, and swim.  Which you think would have been enough to meet a lot of people...

The truth?  I've gotten to know two mommies just a little bit more than any others.  The sad part is, we only talk in the class time.  No play dates or anything. BOO.

So in an effort to change that, I decided to find a mommy group.  My first stop was today at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers).  I was excited and nervous to try it out.

It didn't turn out as great as I hoped.

First I parked and went up to the first tent, with both girls in tow.  It was the car safety people, who were just invited to the event.  They pointed me in the right direction, but not before one of the men told me that I shouldn't have the handle up on my infant carrier.  It wasn't in a great tone of voice either.  I was a little shocked, as I had never read that in my instructions or when I had the firemen install our carseat.  Not knowing what to say, I headed up to the MOPS part.

**Note, when I got home I immediately looked this up.  Our model of car seat is reinforced and the handle can be in any position safely.  It is older, cheaper models that cannot have the handle up.  That is why no one or myself had seen that.**

From there it was a little obvious that although this was a meet and greet was for people that had invited other people.  Now no one was rude or unfriendly, but most of the women just said hello and know one really talked.  The organization was a little odd too.  I wasn't sure where to go and turn in my forms.

We went around for awhile, including going to the playground.  Myself and one other mother were the only ones who went with their kids to the playground. It was a little odd.  (or maybe I'm over protective??)

Finally, I decided to get Elizabeth a cupcake and go.  It was getting hot, and I didn't really talk to anyone.

So it was a bust. 

If you are wondering, I am going back.  I mean it seems like a good organization and I'm hoping in small groups I'll meet someone.  Plus it meets only once a month, so even if it is a little uncomfortable I can manage.

But it did reaffirm why being an introvert isn't always the best thing.  You see, I'm not what I call shy, but large groups throw me off.  I have a hard time connecting to people in those settings.  There is too much going on and it is hard to focus.

Plus I stink at chit-chat.

However, get me alone or in a small group and I can usually do pretty well.  If we find a commonality, then I'm great.  Heck, I'll talk your ear off.  But until I get to that stage, I just don't know what to do. 

I guess that's why big church events have been hard for me, and why I haven't always been very involved.  It's not that I want to be standoffish, but it's just hard to relate.

So my search for a mommy group continues.  Though I am going to give this one a second shot.  I don't want to judge to harshly.

Here's hoping for some better luck.


Amber said...

Us introverts do stink at chit-chat!

Props to you for going to the group, it's always hard to just walk into something that you don't know a whole lot about that's filled with a bunch of people you don't know. It's also great that you're going to give it another shot.

Hopefully you get to find some people to connect with! Have you asked the other two moms about a playdate??

Nichole said...

Aww, I hope that you find something soon! Too bad that we dont live closer!

Brandy@YDK said...

I read breastfeeding groups are good to find friends. I also stink at chit chat.

Cerise said...

I've been at home for almost 3 years...and haven't made one new friend. Mostly from lack of trying. I'm awful in new settings. I have a tendency to be almost silent until I get a feel for people and then I open up. I'm pretty sure my in-laws thought I was a mute for the first year my husband and I were dating.

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