Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another big life moment!

Someone had their first bite of food on Sunday.

Homemade rice cereal.  Yes, homemade and it killed my arm.  I whisked for ten minutes...I am that out of shape. ;)

Elizabeth helped me with the trial run- no heat for her.
 She liked it, until big sister tried to help her...but we recovered and tried more yesterday & today.  However, she hasn't really taken to it.  I don't thing she likes any of it.

First bite.
So not a huge success.  What she has eaten was much either.  Only a bite or two.  See video below (edited in the hopes of being funny, if not just let me think I am, I happy being delusional).

I think I may need to change my recipe.  It was a little grainy to me.  I'm going to cook my rice first and then mix it, instead of making a powder of uncooked rice and trying to cook it.

It might save my arm too. 

After rice we'll be trying banana or acorn squash.  We did acorn squash first with Elizabeth, so I'm a little bias towards it.

Still not sure about it.
I'm excited and not excited about this big change.  I love making baby food and seeing their faces when they try it.  However, it also means she is getting bigger.

She'll gradually need me less and less, and I'll start to miss those sweet baby nurses as she cuts back.

Well, I might be getting a little ahead of myself, I am a crunchy mom after all and don't plan to wean anytime soon.  Plus she isn't really taking to it yet. But still, she is growing up too fast.

It's not fair!! 


Laura@livingabigstory said...

When I first made my baby food I blended the brown rice or oatmeal or wheat or whatever into powder. Then the next baby I just took the cooked food and blended it (it was so much easier, especially when I used foods we were already eating).

So cute!

Amie said...

the real question... which is cuter?? Little E's smile in that first pic, or Big E's giggles in the video.??

Brandy@YDK said...

awwww sweet baby. loved the video.

Melissa said...

I'm really liking the self-satisfied smile of Evie's in the first picture.

Amber said...

She's so TINY in that high chair! That first picture is so cute, she's so thrilled with herself! :)

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