Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just a little update

Today was super busy and on top if it my health has been getting worse.

I tried writing how I felt about my health and the post came out so angry, I knew I couldn't share it. Not without frightening you all that is...

So quick updates instead, because it's safer that way.

1. I got new meds from the dr today. I'm hoping they work quickly, because I'm getting so angry about everything, I'm starting to scare small children and our waiters at restaurants (ask me later for that story).

2. I only accomplished two pins today.
- I made muffin pancakes, which were just ok.
- I checked out several chapter books recommend for preschoolers from the library today. Elizabeth is excited!

3. I probably won't get to many pins tomorrow. I have meetings in the morning and will leave after breakfast. That cuts down on pin accomplishing time. However, I've got a recipe to try for breakfast, so mark one off for sure!

4. Evie is slowly getting better. The no dairy diet is going ok. Elizabeth doesn't like the vanilla soy milk though, so she'll be getting regular. We'll see if the almond milk is any better.

That's it for now! I'll check back later.


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J. Harrell said...

We've been down the non-dairy road w/ our son. The Vanilla Silk brand Almond Milk is delightful. You can get a coupon to try it off the Silk PureAlmond website. It's also good in the Dark Chocolate, but that's for Mommy, it's a bit too sugary for kids (we'd cut it with plain Almond Milk if he got any).

I also have an unopened carton of Oat Milk if you want to try it. You're welcome to it. I bought it when we were trying to find milks for S. He's finally accepted dairy milk now, so we haven't opened it. Coconut Milk is also another option. He didn't like that one, but E might.

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