Monday, June 18, 2012

Mom Monday- Exciting week ahead

We've got an exciting week ahead of us. 

In fact, this week we're going to be enjoying Sky VBS! 

Elizabeth is super excited, especially after she saw the experiments we'll be doing. Below is the Fizzy Flyer, let's just say, the kids are going to have an explosive time. Mark and I are teachers this year, and we can't wait to begin.

We're also continuing our Kindermusik classes, which Elizabeth is loving.  Below is a video of her singing the mosquito song.  It's become her favorite.  When she ask me about the itching, I told her how mosquitoes bite and eat blood.  She is now fascinated by what they do, not scared mind you, but fascinated...

My little scientist.  

On tuesday, we're hoping to take some more family pictures.  Last time Evie was out of sorts because of a lack of nap, so I'm hoping a change in time will do better for us.

We'll finish this week with a trip to the farmer's market and some wonderful shopping at the Amish food store.  And of course, lots of family time out in the garden and with the animals. A great week ahead!

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