Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we celebrate those that have fought for their country that our no longer with us...

like a special Uncle of Mark's (my husband) that we lost just this year, who valiantly fought in Vietnam,

or my Paw-Paw Looney, who fought throughout the European and Pacific campaign during WWII.  He was on the beaches of Normandy.

Without these great people and their service, I wouldn't get to enjoy my two sweet little ones in the freedom I have. 

But while today is about those we have lost,  I also want to remember those that are still with us who have served our country. 

Like my Paw Smith, who just turned 85 years young.

Thank you, Paw (and Happy Birthday) and all those who sacrificed their time and safety to keep us free. We do appreciate you!

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