Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mom Monday- Playing catch up

So I haven't done a proper post about our family life in awhile, so I thought I might play catch up.

This summer has been a busy one.  We started with our summer Kindermusik, then headed to the beach for some fun.  After a fun fourth of July with friends, we started our July events.

Elizabeth has started swim lessons at the local University I teach at,

so far she really enjoys it.

Both girls have enjoyed the new pool we have set up.  We thought with this horrible heat it might be nice to get them a little something to play in.   Of course about a week after we've had the pool, it started raining and has barely stopped.  Good for the garden, but not much fun for the pool.

We've had a lot of fun at our church.  Every summer our church cans green beans to raise money for charity.  Our church body donates the time, supplies, and work.  This year all of us went and broke beans prepping for the canning process.  Even Elizabeth helped out, and I think she'll be a good canner.

Evie on the other hand, enjoyed the wonderful cooking of the ladies at our church.  And let me tell you, we've got some good cooks...

Both girls seem to be growing up so quickly!  Elizabeth is part of the summer reading program.  Every week we check out our books and we've read about 10-15 books each week.  Even Evie is enjoying her books and has a favorite author, Sandra Boyton.  We've check out as many of her books as possible and Evie loves them.  Her favorite is the go to bed book, which we read before nap time each day.

Evie is also reaching new milestones every day.  She can now feed herself really well with a spoon and has added quite a few new words.  She can identify the chickens, tell me what she wants, and even can show people several parts of her body.  The cutest is when she is ready to go outside.  Not only can she tell me "outside" to go out and play, but she will grab her shoes and sit down on the floor for me to put them on for her, saying "shoes."

Elizabeth has a developed a heart for giving.  She's already raised enough change for her first donation to the malaria fund. She was so happy with her jingling envelope.  I wish I had half the love she has, such a sweet girl, and best of all she knows it is all for God's glory.

We've really enjoyed the new moms group we've joined. Elizabeth has a best friend from the group and we've been trying out new and fun things.  Just recently, we headed to Chik-fil-a for Cow appreciation day.  Since we all dressed up we got free meals, and I have to say, my little cows were so cute.

In conjunction with the mom group, we also hit our local play museum.  Evie especially enjoyed dressing up and dancing on stage...while Elizabeth enjoyed everything.

Elizabeth has become my big helper.  She holds open doors, wants to cook with me, and even asks to clean.  Anything to help out, and she's actually really good at it.  Recently she helped me roast some coffee for daddy.  Her job, shaking the beans until they cooled off. She did great!

 The girls are playing more and more together.  It's so cute.  They both especially like the new house Elizabeth got for her birthday.  It's part of the Calico Critter sets.  We got a few new pieces and the girls were super excited.

 Finally, we've really enjoyed all the fun we've been having on the weekends.  Except for the buckets of rain we have gotten recently, every weekend has been so splendid. We head out to the farmer's market, then to the library, and then usually out to eat.  This week we tried a new restaurant downtown, where even our picky eater, Evie ate a bunch.

All in all you couldn't ask for a much better summer.

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