Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our last beach trip

Mark and I figured that we won't ever live this close to the beach again, so several weeks ago we took a short day trip down to Kure beach.  Elizabeth had forgot about the ocean and was nervous in the beginning, but warmed up to the waves by the end of our beach time.  We then headed over to the aquarium where Elizabeth was excited to see all the fishes and sharks!  We all had a blast and hope to go one more time before we leave.  But here's a few pictures of our time there, until we get to go back!
 Daddy giving baby a beach buggy ride!

I had better pics, but none that showed off that red curly hair better.  It's very fine, but there are curls there!

Carrying water to splash on Daddy!

Not sure I want to pet that horseshoe crab...

Coral Reef


Hope you all enjoyed!  Keep checking back for more updates and pictures.  Love to you all!

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Melissa Smith said...

Very nice blog! I have subscribed to the feed (successfully, I hope) so I guess I will get any updates or new posts you add. Love the beach pictures - looks like Elizabeth really enjoyed having Mark push her around in that buggy!

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