My Girls

I've been blessed to be the mommy of two beautiful girls!  I'm so happy to have them both, especially sisters, as I've always been so close to my own sister.  My dearest hope is they will grow up to love each other as much as I love them!

Elizabeth Bailey, joined us May, 2008. 

She is smart, spunky, and definitely a firstborn.  All boss, she runs our house.

She sings, dances, and ask questions incessantly.  I only hope to keep up with her as she grows.

Evelyn Grace, joined us March, 2011.  

She is our baby and already has a distinct personality.  She grunts to communicate, rather than cry. 

She's a great sleeper, easy to calm, and patient with her sister.  But she is quick to let you know what she doesn't like.

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